Stars Dancing for HEALS is almost here!

Our eight Stars have worked for months learning a dance routine to perform this Monday night! Not only have they been working on pointing toes, but they have also worked to raise thousands of dollars for HEALS!

If you don’t know much about Stars Dancing for HEALS, take a moment to learn about this wonderful event. Thanks to our Stars, Star Legacies and community supporters like you, this event continues to break records all while supporting the children of HEALS!

Make sure to watch this Monday night at 6pm on WAAY31 and vote online for your favorite Star! Every dollar counts as a vote! If you can’t watch on TV, you can watch a live streaming of the broadcast on WAAY31’s website by clicking on the “Stars Dancing for HEALS Live Stream” button on their homepage. Just remember to come back and vote online before 7:00 pm!


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