The dental and medical clinics of HEALS have many dedicated staff members working hard to keep children healthy. Their commitment makes a difference in children’s lives each day throughout Huntsville and Madison County, and there are several ways you can help out, too! 

Become a medical, dental, or clerical volunteer! Will further help from the local medical and dental community, we could more efficiently serve the students at Huntsville City Schools and Madison County Elementary locations. 

Doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, dental hygienists, and everything in between, the HEALS clinics always appreciate the extra helping hands! Email us or call the HEALS Administrative Offices for more information:           healsinc@healsinc.org        (256) 428 -7560

Valuable Is the Work You Do. 

Valuable is the work you do. 

Outstanding is how you always come through.

Loyal, sincere, and full of good cheer, 

Untiring in your efforts throughout the year…

Notable are the contributions you make.

Trustworthy in every project you take.

Eager to reach your every goal.

Effective in the way you fulfill your role.

Ready with a smile like a shining star,

Special and wonderful – that’s what you are. 

— Author unknown, courtesy of Points of Light Foundation


Volunteer Inquiry

For more information on organizations or groups for volunteering, call (256) 428-7560 or email us at healsinc@healsinc.org.