Douglas Downey

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Dr. Douglas Downey was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama and has had a heart for children and his community since before he can remember. Giving back has always been a part of who he was so it’s no surprise that this care for the community and desire to help people ultimately led him to both serve in the United States Airforce and after graduating medical school at UAB, to eventually become a general surgeon at Huntsville Hospital.

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Defending our country as a soldier in Iraq and in a bustling operating room every moment mattered, but his biggest challenge yet awaits him on the HEALS dance floor.  It’s safe to say that we are taking him out of his very BIG comfort zone.  We use the term “big” quite literally because Douglas is a monster of a man.  Well, maybe not a “monster” given his heart of gold. This gentle giant is an athlete through and through and his competitive spirit even carried the 2001 Battleship Rugby team he co-captained to a national championship, but will ball-carrying translate to the ballroom?

We hope you’ll watch the journey as he tries to transition charge-downs to the Cha Cha and a tackle to the TANGO.  His goal the whole way will be to raise money and awareness for the children of HEALS; to make a difference in our community.

Douglas also wants to make his three children proud, or at the very least not embarrass them with his “moves” so he’ll do whatever it takes to win for this cause.  Maybe that means a little yoga to help his flex become more flexible, or some ballet to make a ballroom beauty of this rugby beast.  Support Douglas on his next mission, as a Star dancing for HEALS!



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