star legacies

STAR Legacies

To all of our Star Legacies, thank you! Not only for your initial time and fundraising, but also for your continued support as Stars Dancing for HEALS grows each year.

Our Legacies continue to provide guidance for current year Stars, with the knowledge and experience that only they can bestow!

Stars of 2019

Challice Warren

David & Diana King

Harriet Frederick

Katie Fritz

Kristen Strickland

Melissa Davis

Pam Little

Roseanna Rubio-Cox

Tyce Hudson

Stars of 2018

Bob Broadway

Carmelita Iglesias

Del & J. Renae Smith

Douglas Downey

Kevin Fernandez

Kristina “KB” Barbee

Stephanie Hendon

Stars of 2017

Anglier Baker

Cassie Watkins Scott

Courtney Edmonson

Javier & Natalie Reto

Kerry Fehrenbach

Lindsay Chapman

Teek Patnaik

Stars of 2016

HEALS 10th Anniversary

Annette Birchfield

David Bier

Ginger Harper

John & Paulina Waples

Kenneth Anderson

Leslie Ware

Sonja Enfinger

Dr. Steven Werdehoff

Stars of 2015

Dr. Anne Marie Reidy

Don Milligan

Jeremy Pope

John Waples

Lisa Abbott

Lynn Collyar

Sally Colocho

Sarah Savage

Stars of 2014

David Bier

Annette Birchfield

Kevin Campbell

Teresa Foley-Batts

Suzanne League

Landon McLain

Johnny Osborne

Sasha Sealy

Stars of 2013

Beverly Alexander

Shawn Cleary

David Little

Earl Reed

Regina Underwood

Leslie Ware

Dr. Steven Werdehoff

Meredith Wood

Stars of 2012

Shea Allen

Kenny Anderson

Vinny Boles

Mike DeMaioribus

Candace Hornsby

Kim Lewis

Kathy Neman

Dr. Alex Vasquez

Stars of 2011

Drew Battle

Loni Cleve

Tracy Doughty

Leslie Esneault

Monica Ludwig

Cristina Lynn

Dan McLain

Stars of 2010

Amanda Howard

Dr. Mia Irby

Dr. Avis Williams

Dr. Rony Najjar

Dr. Charles Gattis

Steve Johnson

Ginger Harper

Stars of 2009

Dr. Adaira Collins

Dr. Glenn Conner

Sonja Enfinger

Steve Humphrey

Thad Mauldin

Liz Ponde

Cindy Spillers

Stars of 2008

Dr. Jay Billings

John “Doc” Holladay

Cathleen Klibanoff

Beth Martin

Zach Penney

Greg Screws

Sandra Steele

Stars of 2007

Cindi Ludwig

Randy Roper
Alcides Sequi
Topper Birney
Lisa Washington
Lana Ritch
Ralph Malone