Privacy policy

Confidentiality is a hallmark of professionalism.

HEALS staff, contractors and volunteers:

  • Will ensure that all information which is confidential or privileged or which is not publicly available is not disclosed inappropriately.
  • Shall respect the privacy rights of all individuals in the performance of their HEALS duties.
  • Shall annually sign a “Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement” as a condition of their employment or service with the HEALS.
  • Shall abide by HIPAA regulations.
  • Will channel requests from the media, because of the obligation to report accurately and completely all relevant material facts, to the HEALS Executive Director or to the President of the Board of Directors.
  • Shall hold in confidence donor lists and other information related to HEALS fundraising.  Such information will not be used for any purpose external to the organization except upon approval by the Board of Directors.
  • HEALS does not rent, sell or exchange donor information.

Please contact the HEALS Admin office directly at 256-428-7560 to review personal information and request corrections.

Access HEALS 990 information through Guidestar.org.