In 2007, the first Stars Dancing for HEALS event was held at the Crossroads Music Hall downtown Huntsville, raising over $60,000 for the organization.  Seven “stars” from the community worked with local professional studios for three months to prepare for their debut performance the night of the event.

Due to its great success and a sold out crowd in the first year, the event was moved to Monaco Pictures at Bridge Street in 2008.· Located in the two-story ballroom combining the lobby, Scene Lounge, and the Privé VIP area, seven new Stars prepared for another great night of dancing. Owing to the prestigious location, food and beverages, the event stayed at Monaco Pictures through 2015, featuring eight Stars for many years in a row.

In 2016, Stars Dancing for HEALS moved to the Von Braun Center for the 10th Anniversary Celebration! Eight “Star Legacies” challenged themselves to step back into their dancing shoes and again raise money for HEALS. It was a celebration indeed, with over 39 former Stars in attendance out of 67 Star Legacies! Watch the 11th Anniversary event here!
Legacies 10th anniversary - full res size 9After such a wonderful experience at the VBC North Hall, Stars Dancing for HEALS returned in 2017, and for the first time, was held on a Thursday night! In 2018, we had our first year of 9 Stars and our first opening dance number! Get ready for 2020 with 8 more amazing community Stars! The event offers a little something for everyone—great music, dancing, and a fun social atmosphere with a Hollywood feel.