Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

Where are the HEALS Clinic located? 

The HEALS dental, medical, and optometry clinics serve eligible children and their siblings at our elementary site school locations.

Three of the HEALS medical clinics location at Huntsville City Schools are Martin Luther King, Morris, and Sonnie Hereford Elementary. We have one HEALS medical clinic in Madison County at Madison Cross Roads Elementary. The HEALS Dental Clinics are located at Martin Luther King Elementary in the city and Madison Cross Roads and Madison County Elementary Schools in the county. All three dental clinics serve eligible children from all HEALS site schools. The HEALS optometry clinics are located at Madison Cross Roads Elementary and Morris P-8. 


Is the HEALS medical clinic the same thing as a school nurse? 

School-based health centers like HEALS are not the same as the school nurse’s office. HEALS functions as a the primary health care provider for its patients, and are able to treat and resolves students’ health problems by referring out to specialists if necessary. School nurses often refer students to HEALS. 

SBHCs and school nurses know that healthy students learn better. They share an important mission: providing preventative care for all students they serve, with the goal of keeping student in class learning. 

Can adults access HEALS Clinics? 

As a School-Based Health Center, HEALS’ primary focus is only on the students registered at the school/campus (and their siblings), so we do not see adults. 

See below for resources for adults in the North Alabama Area. 

What kind of care do students receive at the medical, dental, and optometry clinics of HEALS? 

If a student is enrolled as a HEALS patient, he or she will receive the same care that they would get at a full service pediatrician’s office. HEALS can manage a student’s illness(es) at school and therefore decrease absenteeism from school. View a complete list of our services here, or give us a call at (256) 428 – 7560 if you have additional questions.

How does a student enroll with HEALS? 

Students without insurance, Medicaid and AllKids at our partnering schools and their siblings are eligible to become HEALS patients. To enroll with HEALS, parents or legal guardians should contact a HEALS nurse or clinic coordinator at one of our site schools to fill out the appropriate paperwork. Students must obtain signed parental consent before using the services of HEALS. We promote family communication by assisting youth to involve their parents in the resolution of health problems. 

Are school-based health centers like HEALS cost effective? 

In working directly with medical volunteers and efficiently staff by nurses, nurse practitioners, and clinic coordinators, the centers avoid high tech medicine and provide basic health care services in space that is donated by the school systems. With their emphasis on prevention and early detection, the centers are able to intervene before youngsters are forced to use the more expensive services of a hospital or emergency room. 

How do the HEALS clinics coordinate with their site schools? 

The HEALS clinics operate within schools, but are administered with staff and funds that are independent of the school. 

Can students from other schools access the HEALS clinics? 

Yes, students that attend any Huntsville City and Madison County School are eligible to become HEALS patients. 

How are the HEALS clinics making a difference? 

Children, especially adolescents, are an increasingly underserved population in Alabama and the nation. School-based health centers like HEALS help eliminate traditional barriers to health care access, including economics and lack of transportation as well as lack of knowledge of available services and the importance of preventative care. 

Read more about the benefits of school-based health centers like HEALS and learn about the positive impact we have on student’s academic success and the collaboration between schools and centers like ours. (courtesy of SBHA- School Based Health Alliance)