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Womenade Huntsville

We all know that when you have lemons, you make lemonade. So how about when you have a community full of women who love to have fun AND make a difference? You have Womenade!

The Womenade concept is simple, and is founded on the friendship and generosity of women. By hosting a quarterly gathering with a potluck dinner, the ladies get together and contribute the amount that it would cost to go out to dinner any other night with their girlfriends.

There are so many needs in our community that can be met with small amounts of money, and this group has selected HEALS as one of the beneficiaries of their efforts. In the regular care of our clients, HEALS staff members often identify needs that cannot be met within the structure of grants or other non-profit means of funding. Our clinics get to know clients and families and their situations. They see situations where a little help could make a big difference.

This group of women have set up a bank account that our clinic staff can draw on when they see specific needs – a utility bill, medicine for chronic situations, groceries to get a family by to payday, etc. What a blessing to these families!

Womenade is not a non-profit, which means there is no charitable contribution deduction for their donations, yet the impact of their support is direct…and it will make a great difference.


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