Clinic Locations

The HEALS medical, dental, and optometry clinics serve the eligible children and their siblings at our elementary site school locations.

Outside_of_HEALS_clinicHEALS Medical Offices

(Serving eligible children at the school & their siblings)

Huntsville City School Site Locations:

  • Michael K. Johnson Medical Clinic at Martin Luther King Elementary School
    3112 Meridian St. N Huntsville, AL 35801 (clinic inside of school)
    Phone: (256) 428-7110
    Fax: (256) 428-7111
  • Burt Memorial Clinic at Morris P-8 School
    4801 Bob Wallace Ave. Huntsville, AL 35805 (clinic inside portable)
    Phone: (256) 428-7488
    Fax: (256) 428-7490
  • Michael L. O’Dell Clinic at Sonnie Hereford Elementary School
    2755 Wilson Drive, Huntsville, AL 35816 (located inside the school)
    Phone: (256) 428-7428
    Fax: (256) 428-7429

Madison County School Site Locations:

HEALS Dental Offices

(Serving eligible children from all HEALS site schools)

HEALS Optometry Offices

(Serving eligible children from all HEALS site schools)

  • The Miracle Clinic at Madison Cross Roads Elementary School
    11588 Pulaski Pike, Toney, AL (located directly behind HEALS MXR Medical Clinic)
    Phone: (256) 693-1676
    Fax: (256) 693-1674
  • Optometry at Lincoln Academy
    1113 Bennett Street, Huntsville, AL 35801 (located directly behind Lincoln Academy)
    Phone: (256) 429-9483
    Fax: (256) 429-9324
  • (COMING SOON) The Geraldine Bennett HEALS Clinic at Madison County Elementary School
    201 Wood Street, Gurley, AL 35748
    Phone: (256)
    Fax: (256)


HEALS Administrative Offices

1100 Meridian Street Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: (256) 428-7560·· Fax: (256) 428-7561

Jennifer Linton, Interim Executive Director, CFO


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